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How to Print and Bind a Book! (EASY)

This is one of my most favorite videos to film, edit and upload. It really doesn’t seem like much, but a below average method of book binding, BUT it’s because it’s what makes my heart happy on a slow Saturday morning. I love looking at the old stories, and creating something for my children with my hands. I am NOT crafty, and I don’t even do a good job printing them a book, but it is something I can make for them. I hope one day they look back and remember, Mom cared about what we read so much, she spent her free time making us these things.

I enjoy listening to a book while I make a book. You can sign up on Audible and receive 2 free books, or you can use HOOPLA like I do (free library app).

Links to products I used:

2 hole Prong Complete Sets-

This is the hole puncher I need and should have used!

Cardstock for Covers

Black Book Tape