The Robinson Curriculum does not give extensive instructions in writing besides having students write a daily essay. For some parents, they navigate just fine with the program as in. However, some parents find themselves struggling in this area when constantly thinking of topics to assign, dealing with children who show frustration in producing these assignments, and worried when there is little to no progress.

This writing course compliments RC perfectly, since the creator was an RC dad to 5 children homeschooled in the program!

“If you will give your child less than 10 minutes a day, we will give you a child who writes well — guaranteed” Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

After completing the Writing Course (21 Days), then investing about 10 minutes a day of working with your student, it will change everything! This step by step guidance for every day, will take the pressure of the parent!

This is one of the best investments you can ever make for your family! Just like the Robinson Curriculum, it is only a flat one time fee for the whole family to benefit!

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Bonus: Teaching Math Facts with RC? Watch this quick video by Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand.

I have no doubt after completing one course with Dr. Lybrand, you will eagerly want to sign up for another course! More information below.


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-The 3 Keys to Grow Independent Learners.

-10 Practical lessons you can start using today!

-The 3 Skills that every student must master for success.

What You’ll Get

*All 11 Independent Learner Courses ($1,000+ value)
Well over 50+ hours of training for your kids on these specific skills:
COURSES INCLUDED: Running Your Emotions * Reading *Memory * Communication *Relationships * Focus * Problem-Solving * Time-Management * Writing (Courses) * Goal-Setting
*12 Monthly Private Group Mentoring Sessions ($997 value)
*Several Surprise Group Mentoring Sessions ($297 value)
*Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
*Free Upgrades to Courses (Priceless)
*Friends and Family Discount on Special Trainings ($600+ value)
*First in line and 50% Off on Small Group Retreats at our home in Texas ($797 couples value)
TOTAL VALUE: $3,600+

*2 Parenting Bootcamp Trainings (kids & teens) ($197 value)
*Our 4 eBooks on parenting, relationships, communication, and time ($39 value)
*1 Private phone/skype session with Dr. & Mrs. Lybrand ($125 value)
*Training & Permission to Tutor Writing in your home using the Writing Course($200 to $400 value per month)
*Pain Free Weight Loss: ($395 value).
*Surprise Extras ($200 value)
TOTAL BONUSES VALUE: $3,000+money-back

So, What is Your Investment for a $6,000+ Value?

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